“The newest member of the exploding mobile food business community”

From it’s state of the art food trailer, the company will be offering a host of craft hot dogs that pay homage to the neighborhoods of Boston. The house made toppings and sides make for dozens of combinations that will have you returning for more.
Beantown Weenies will also be available for private events like graduations, weddings or corporate events.


Classic Combinations

The Beacon Hill = Yellow Mustard - Chili - Cole Slaw

The Back Bay = Ketchup - Hot Relish - Raw Onions

The North End = Giardiniera - Caramelized Onions - Pete’s Famous Sauce

The Southie = Chili - Caramelized Onions

The Harvard Sq. = Spicy Mustard - Sweet Relish - Caramelized Onions

The South End = Yellow Mustard - Sauerkraut - Raw Onions - Pete’s Famous

The Comm. Ave = Chili - BBQ Sauce - Cole Slaw

Side Dishes

Potato Chips

Cole Slaw


Polar Cola and Zero Cola

A&W Root Beer

Polar Lime Seltzer and Water

Housemade Lemonade and Iced Tea

About Us

The seeds of Beantown Weenies were sown into the fertile grounds of Merrill Road in Watertown, MA. The Dee Family would number 10 in total, with Bobby being the last of the eight kids. He had a front row seat as he watched his dutiful mother Jean orchestrate the festivities, from birthdays to holidays or the usual chaos of an evening meal. Her meals were simple but satisfying but when you consider the sheer volume of what she had to produce it was a miracle that anything else ever got done around the house. Her example drives me to this very day. I just hope I have the relentlessness and grace that defined her.

After a career in financial services and human resources, my passion for hospitality and serving was piqued when I enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. It was there that I meet a host of brilliant chefs who shared the nuances of what it takes to make a dish truly remarkable. Upon graduation, I spent the next decade as a waiter at some of the finest restaurants in Boston. This gave me an appreciation of the “guest experience” and how to choreograph all the necessary steps in order to make for a truly memorable experience.

And as I look ahead at what will, with the Lord’s help, be the last stop in my career I bring you Beantown Weenies! An homage to one of America’s culinary staples …. the hot dog. The plan will be to elevate this ever present summertime dish by looking back at the road I’ve travelled and honoring those who shared so much. The hot dog and brioche bun have been locally sourced from companies that are known making products of the highest quality. From that marvelous canvas, Beantown Weenies, with very few exceptions, produces all of the toppings and side dishes that will hopefully culminate in a guest that I’ll see for many years.

My life has been blessed by God beyond measure. To those who coached and molded me into the person I am, I could never thank you enough. And to those I have yet to meet I hope to have the opportunity of sharing some of my passion and learning from you in order to become better servant.

Bon Appetit,

Bobby Dee

closeup photo of two hotdogs on tray

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